Our Farmland

The red soil of Prince Edward Island has been known for its potato production for generations.

Historically, potato farms harvested their produce and stored it in the basements of farmer’s homes and sent to market throughout the winter months. Over the years the potato industry has developed in many ways. To be sustainable, the size of farms has increased.  While some traditions give way, others live on. Our family has purchased smaller farms over the years and we have continued many of the practices that were core to these farms, such as rotating crops from year to year. These farms often continue to carry the name of the family that originally farmed it. On our farm you will hear field names like the MacRae farm, the Ford farm, the Doyle farm, the Lund farm and many more.
We strive to improve soil quality and look at each property to make changes to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Our families earn our living off of and live by our farmland. We share the concerns of our neighbours and work with government and local watershed groups to preserve our farmland for generations to follow.