About Our Tulips

Vanco Farms Tulips

Located in Prince Edward Island, we grow greenhouse cut tulips & high quality field tulips for bulb production.

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Field Tulips for bulb production!

  • At Vanco Farms, we plant our tulip bulbs in the fall before the first hard frost, allowing them to root before winter sets in. They are planted in the signature red soil of PEI, in netting with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery –  this allows for a cleaner and more efficient harvest!
  • When the warmer weather arrives, our tulips pop out of the ground and will soon be a beautiful display of color! There is an approximate 3-week window when the fields are in bloom, and this can happen anytime between early May and mid-June.
  • The blooming season varies from year to year, depending on Mother Nature! This has become quite the attraction for people to visit – although our fields are strictly for bulb production.
  • The petals are soon removed from the tulip plants so all of the plant’s energy can go into the tulip bulb, which is growing and multiplying under the soil surface.
  • The tulip plant continues to grow for about 6 weeks after the flower is removed and then the tulip bulb is removed from the soil.
  • Often when a small tulip bulb is planted, it will grow into a larger tulip bulb with some additional small bulbs off to the side of it.
  • The harvested bulbs are then dried and separated into different sizes. The smaller bulbs are saved to plant in the tulip field for the upcoming fall. The largest bulbs are then used in the greenhouse for a process called tulip forcing, and we specifically grade the Size 11 bulbs for our retail & wholesale customers across Canada!

Greenhouse Tulips | Brighten your day with a bouquet!

  • The larger tulip bulbs from that years field crop are then planted in small trays, with dirt and sand from PEI. The tulip bulbs are then stored in large coolers set to wintry temperatures and the tulips are ‘tricked’ into thinking it is winter; the forcing process begins!
  • The tulips are held in these coolers until they are gradually brought out into the greenhouse every couple of weeks throughout the season, and tricked into thinking it is spring.
  • This process called forcing, effectively shortens the summer, fall and winter months that tulip bulbs need to bloom and gives us colorful tulips in cold winter months that otherwise, would not naturally grow outdoors.
  • Our dedicated team closely monitors the entire growing process; precise temperatures and efficient systems allow us to grow, pick and ship a premium product, with impeccable vase life. We strive to ensure quality is maintained from our farm, to your home!
  • From January to May, we grow and distribute millions of premium, fresh cut tulips throughout Atlantic Canada, Quebec and the Eastern United States!

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