It is often said “farming is in our blood”, and this cannot be any more true for our family.  For as long as our history can be traced, we have been a farming family.  Both Grandfathers Willem VanNieuwenhuyzen and Rit Tjepkema had farms in Holland growing various crops which included potatoes and tulips.  In 1982 Peter and Jetty VanNieuwenhuyzen moved the family to Prince Edward Island and purchased a mixed farm from Phillip Matheson. 2001 was the beginning of the current generation, as brothers Willem, Rit, and Phillip VanNieuwenhuyzen took over the family farm and changed the focus to growing organic, specialty potatoes, and tulips.

Our best days of each year are the first days and last days of every new season.  There is always a great sense of anticipation starting to plant or harvest and it is likewise satisfying finishing those tasks.  As a farming family we enjoy sharing our work with our children.  Our children start young, riding along in the “buddy seat” of tractors, often catching a nap as their dad works.  They are learning to be farmers and as they grow older, spending their holidays working on the farm.

Since our farm has grown beyond being able carry out all of the work ourselves, we have been able to share these responsibilities with very capable staff, many of whom grew up on farms in the area.  We are farmers and look forward to continuing this tradition.